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In September of 2018 we created the very first edition of Camp Kimono. A songwriting camp by writers, for writers. The first camp was held in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Italy. Over the course of four weeks Camp Kimono was home to four vibrant groups of funky professionals. A total of around fifty writers/producers/artists from all over the world came together in Europe to create new music and experience a different form of collaboration. And in doing so, making some cool new friends in the process. Hell YES!

To us, it is all about creating an inspiring and pleasurable environment that doesn’t focus on/or pressure the outcome of the creative process. Instead we bring our attention to the simple fact that it’s a whole bunch of fun to write songs with cool new people. The creative process itself thereby becomes our only meeting place. And it’s our experience that by merely following the compass of our (creative) enjoyment, the outcome will naturally be one to celebrate. So we focus on play. Not work hard play hard. Just play with great intensity of involvement, for that brings a whole new kind of magic into the air. And when you’re done, well, we suggest you relax. Or victory dance. Or take a nap. Frisbee? Whatever!

The good thing about it all is, it’s not just fun, it’s also productive. A staggering 90 songs were written at this year’s camp. And we don’t mean to parade that statistic, we know quantity is for show and quality is for the pro. But the balance between those two worlds came out very favorable between these 90 songs. So all in all, we are so very happy with the result. 
This video made by our visual captain, @mikefugers , gives you a glimpse at the setting and the vibe (thank you Mike, we luuuh you). And although it’s a short version of the actual event (how to put a month in a minute?) we hope you enjoy the vibe coming off of this small moment of film.