I'm Mike Fugers A.K.A Copyride, a creative filmmaker, DOP based in Amsterdam, working in advertising.

When I was young, I would steal my parents' camera whenever I got the chance to go out and shoot some skate & snowboard videos. It turned out to be my calling and film would become my great passion. My main focus lies with directing / DOP, edit of digital advertising and music videos.

By sharing a studio with the boys from 310k www.310k.nl and editor Erik Verhulst  www.erikedit.nl , we have created a strong network for creative collaborations. 

I love connecting with new people and I'm always looking for new innovations in projects and collaborations, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Adidas, Starbucks, Heineken, Under Armour, LG, Dyneema, Bugaboo, Basserk, Urban Arrow,
RedBull, Nuon, Aegon, KWF, Consumentenbond, Hornbach, Booking.com, Shimano,
Vodafone, ID&T, CJP, Robeco, Camp kimono, KPN, 310k, 
Insinger Gilissen.


MiniBar, Be Grizzlee, 310k, Mediamonks, Chuck Studio, Lemon Scented Tea,
Dr.Barefoot, Natwerk, Vinger, Proof, Redbull, JWT, Onze Kapel.

Contact: copyride@gmail.com
Tel: +31(0)641279226